The area aorund the Tegernsee ist just perfect for playing Golf. Two superior 18-hole-Golf-course, a 6-hole-Golf-course for beginners and a special Driving Range are waiting for you! Eight more Golf-courses are reachable within half an hour’s drive. This isn’t enough for you? Then find yourself 20 more courses one hour's drive away.

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Numerous trails are waiting for you and invite you to discover the lovely surroundings and nature. You’ll find easy, short trails and  superior walks and mountain-tours here. The famous „Wallberg“ near Rottach-Egern which is 1.722 meter high, is a must-see for walking-freaks. Also the Hirschberg in Kreuth, with a high of 1.686 meters, is waiting for you to discover! 26 amazing walking tours show you the amazing landscape around the Tegernsee.

AlpenueberquerungSSince June 2014, there is a new teagged walking-route across the Alpes.  Get to know more about this special „alpine crossing“ here:


The E-Bike is a comfortable way to see natures beauty, while biking with some electronic help. Many renting-stations can be found around the lake.

Those E-Bikes are fun for you and your family. Even kids enjoy great tours with them, without any problem!



Pack out your Inline-Skaters and start having fun!

Here you’ll find some great Inline-Skater-routes directly on the lake. Enjoy the amazing surroundings and get some sprotive exercise!

The paths are smooth and well-tended.


Take out your bike, because biking at the Tegernsee is great for beginners and professionals as well!

Enjoy multiple paths with gorgeous lookouts and lovely, intact nature.




Many sailling schools offer different courses. Try this amazing sport and get addicted to wind and water!

Come back in the evening and enjoy a good dinner.






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