The Massage Offer Of The Hotel Alpensonne At The Tegernsee

klassische MassageThe Classic Massage

The classic or „swedish“ massage is the right thing for everybody who wants to relax and solve some tensions. Also the blood circulation will get increased by this special kind of massage.

This is the most familiar form of massage and will be the right treatment for your well-being. You can choose this kind of massage fort he whole body or for several parts.


This ancient kind of massage comes from China and is very popular.

We consider our life’s energy as „Qi“, which is floating in our meridians. If this energy flow is deranged, you will discover some physical and psychological symptoms. Thanks to the gentle but focused pressure, your blockades will be dissolved. Your life energy can run free again.

Breuss MassageBreuss Massage

This gentle and calm massage is performed with some high quality St. John’s wort oil. The focus stays on the spine and sacrum. This massage is not only relaxing but will also loosen your muscles and tensions and will release your intervertebral disks. At the end some tissue paper will be applied to absorb the fibers.

Klangschalen MassageSinging Bowl Massage

On your appareled body the singing bowls will get placed. The „sound waves“ reach every cell oft he body and flush them with vibrations.

In this bath of sound you will relax and free yourself from stress and burdens. Free your body and mind and get one with this unbelievable experience!

bachBach Flowers Massage

The psychic balance will get established and physical ailments will get healed!

In a preliminary talk, the right bach flowers will be taken for you and your special needs and get mixed with the massage-oil for the full body massage

This is a real benefit for body, spirit and soul.




Lomi Lomi NuiLomi Lomi Nui

This kind of massage is a very unique and ritual temple-massage from the ancient tradition oft the hawaiian Kahunas.

Get yourself free from the old and embrace the new! This is a process of deep purification and renewal. Experience a full body massage with special oils, exotic sounds and scents

This is the queen of our massages…




Fußreflexzonen MassageFoot Reflex Zone Massage

There is a multiplicity of nerves on our feet.

With this special kind of massage on the foot reflex zone, the activated areas of the body, organs and the functioning of the body will get stimulated.

Indulge yourself with this unique kind of massage!


GesichtsmassageFacial Massage

Give a smile to the world!

The gentle slackening of the face muscles will not only release tension, but also smooth the skin.

This massage lets your skin glow! The face massage gives you a fresh look and rejuvenates the soul. Others will notice this as well!

manuelle LymphdrainageManual Lymphatic Drainage

Some tender circular movements and a gentle pressure activate your lymph flow.

Swellings and edema dissolve. This supports healing even after a surgery.

It gives you a feeling of ease!

Baby- und KindermassageMassages for babies and kids

Also kids do have some stress sometimes!

Birth, growth and social demands do not pass by without a trace. Also school is a big topic nowadays.

Caring touches, relaxation and calming down help to trust in life and find some new energy.





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